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                                Five Star pads- Recognizing Saddle Fit issues with 5 Star Equine by Robyn Duplisea-

                              https://www.5starequineproducts.com/articles/fit-to-be-a- champion-recognizing-saddle-fit-issues-with-5-star-equine-by-robyn-duplisea

                 Reinsman Bit Stages, a great guide to what they do and when to change it up – https://reinsman.com/products/guide-to-bit-stages/

     Back on Track Benefits for human use – https://goo.gl/Ky91kW

         Hansbo Sport products for Horses- https://www.hansbosportna.com/about-1

                               Professiaols Choice the Research and Technolgy behind the products – https://profchoice.com/p-33164-research-technology.html




Dryshod has a one year manufactures warranty on all of their boots, but sometimes the wear and tear that is normal can shorten the life on your boots, here are some tips to keep them going!

1) Just like leather boots, the rubber outsole on your Dryshod boots can become dry and cracked.  And just like leather we can condition the rubber on them by simply getting a bit of Armour All Protectant and treating the rubber surface!

2) Ripped the neoprene of your Dryshod boots? Don’t worry all is not lost, we carry Shoe Goo and it is a great way to save your favourite pair of waterproof boots!