Maverick is a Thoroughbred gelding; he was born around 1994 and still thinks its only 1996…  I (Megan) bought him in 2001.  He has done lots of different things in his life with me; three day eventing was both of our favourite, him mostly for getting to run off and hurl himself and I at huge solid jumps, but at least our times were good!  He has chased cows when we decided to take up a very short cattle penning career, this was also a speed sport for him, why be precise when again you could hurl yourself at the herd, usually we got the right steer…  Maverick has also been in the movie business, he has been in a few commercials, a terrible movie or two and most recently he was a cast horse on Once Upon a Time as Mulans horse, poor girl he almost knocked her into a fire, in his defense he just likes to cuddle.   Now in his older years he hangs out in the fields coming in for love and grain, and occasionally we will relive our youth and see how fast we can go, usually without a saddle and most often without a bridle, I’m sure we have given more than one person watching a mild heart attack, but he is and will always be my perfect horse.